The Silk Road

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By Francesco Paolo Sgarlata |

The Silk Road is a huge infrastructural and strategic project with which China, after having conquered fundamental hegemony areas in Asia and Africa, now aims at the economic penetration of Europe, creating as its direct consequence the conditions for transforming it into a future geopolitical penetration.

Italy should carefully weigh up the undoubted economic advantages of the huge Chinese investments in infrastructure and employment creation in the country.

China is not aiming at the penetration of Italy, but of the whole Europe. Italy is just one of the entrance doors. Maybe the easiest one because of its lasting economic crisis.

The Silk Road will be a cornerstone of the future world order, where China will probably be the almost unchallenged leader.

For this reason, Italy must pay close attention to the chimeras of immediate economic advantages without concerted action with Europe.

Only acting at a European level will allow us to be masters of our own home.

Not doing so would be like being the dwarf who makes a deal with a giant that already plays with rules different from ours and could impose its own in the not too distant future.

Francesco Paolo Sgarlata – Editorial Director

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