The war next door that affects all of Europe

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By Francesco Paolo Sgarlata |

A civil war is underway in Libya. But it doesn’t concern just Libya. It can have serious repercussions throughout Europe not only for the economic interests of each European country, but for the very durability of the European Union.
The migration issue is so deeply felt that we cannot even agree on how to manage small groups of a few dozen migrants.
What would happen if hundreds of thousands of people suddenly sailed to Europe? What could we do?
This is why it would be important for the European Union to have a unitary position towards Libya and its stabilization.
The individual and often conflicting positions of some European states are harmful and counterproductive. We all remember what happened with the fall of Gaddafi.
Helping Africa and Libya in particular is in the interest of the European Union and of each European country, of Libya itself and of the hundreds of thousands of actual or potential migrants who could have better living conditions.

Francesco Paolo Sgarlata – Editorial Director

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