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by Stuart Clark |

The situation is deteriorating at an alarming rate. The task ahead is no longer whether we need to go to Carbon Zero, but how fast. We must now work out how to get there, how to achieve the changes to our lives that we need to take. Politicians must put forward credible, achievable and attainable goals. The task is so much harder because:
1) Not all Governments are on board
2) We are facing crippling democratic obstacles

Unless we fix our democratic structure, we are likely to lose many of those parliamentarians with the Integrity to begin the necessary actions needed.

Our current speaker has got us to the point that MPs have felt secure enough to put country ahead of Party in standing up for us. It’s unclear if the next one will protect our democracy in the same way.
John Bercow will stand down on 31 October 2019.

Brexit has been a disaster, but it’s unlikely we can move on without another referendum, and British society has become so polarised that it’s not clear how the issue can be resolved. What is clear is that the Climate emergency cannot wait indefinitely to be dealt with. An urgent referendum must be called with the least damaging form of Brexit on offer, or Remain, so we can move swiftly to the task of saving the planet.

Our defunct 2-party system, kept in place by the FPTP electoral system has, for too long, stifled democracy. The Labour and Conservative Party brands do not meet the needs of a politically diverse public, but so powerful are the brands that the ideologically different wings of these parties spend all their energies fighting for control of these undemocratic brands instead of making the important decisions expected of parliament.

As the battles for control of these party brands play out – (and there’s only room for one additional protest-vote party – so that’s a third brand fight) those MPs willing or forced (by principle) to fight the battle from outside the brands face little chance of getting re-elected unless they hold their nose and step back into the party brands. This means that after the next election there will be fewer principled MPs to fight for democracy and change. That is why there is a need for the public to be both engaged, and well-informed. No one else will do this for us!

Johnson, Swinson and Corbyn – have all felt the need to free themselves of democratic oversight and principle in order to attain power. Johnson has, by far been the worst, most dishonest, and now, in light of the supreme court’s ruling, criminal! All in the name of political ambition. We should not stand by and let this continue.

The only way out of this mess is for most MPs to realise that a change in the Electoral system and a swift Brexit referendum before another General Election to break up the broken 2 party system can enable us to move on.

Both Unions. The United Kingdom and the European Union are in danger from populist forces and political inertia if they don’t make the necessary changes fast. If clear leadership is not shown and the situation deteriorates then the population will start to gravitate to those offering easy fixes and blaming scapegoats and democracy and the way of life we take for granted will be in peril.

The move from a precarious undemocratic unitary government, no longer able to pretend it represents all nations of these islands into a Federal Britain is a painless easy transition, that can only be taken by principled politicians unwilling to use the national imbalance of population to further their political careers. Another reason why the process must be started in this current Parliament.

Europe is the last remaining superpower not in the grip totalitarian control or being smothered by a populist blanket of propaganda and disinformation. Unless it takes the necessary steps towards a Federalised system while it still has the power and mandate to do so, the future looks bleak.

In the UK: the return of Parliament. The formation of a Government of unity under a caretaker Prime Minister, a referendum with a clear instruction and considered consequences with realistic and workable options on offer. A bill to replace FPTP electoral system with an alternative recommended by Electoral Reform Society, voted through before the next General Election, enabling a realignment of parties along ideological lines. And the commissioning of Citizens assemblies and a federal conference to be held within six months of the General Election with a clear directive to create a codified constitution to safeguard democracy and defend the environment. The fight to protect the environment and tackle Climate Change must be enshrined in our new constitution.
In the EU: Planning for a constitutional convention must start. The Independence of European Nations within a Federal Europe and concurrently a sovereign Federal structure must be created. Only then will European citizens feel secure in their dual sovereign status, able to sustain their national pride, and way of life but also with a collaborative powerful strength of purpose to lead the world in a bid to save the planet and create better lives for all.


Stuart Clark, Editor, UK



Stuart Clark is currently, board member and Nominations officer for the Federalist Party
He was leader of the UK section of the European Federalist Party 2013-2016. He is active with Alliance Europa, and also the Federal Union in UK. As well as promoting Federalism, Stuart also campaigns for constitutional reform and electoral reform. He stood for Council Election in Lambeth in 2018. Stuart works for a global ticketing company and is based in London and Cornwall.

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