The Rotten Election

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by Stuart Clark |

The General Election on 12th December 2019 will go down in history as one of the worst elections ever. It’s the Election that wasn’t needed and wasn’t wanted. The election was called by a government and a leader who had failed to win the argument on the main issue. Brexit. The Liberal Democrats also proposed it as they saw it gave them political advantage over Labour in a move that has backfired. And Labour were then left in a position that they had to agree, or they would look like they were hiding from a public vote. Not then a positive start to an Election.

It is now widely understood by politicians and voters alike that the First Past the Post electoral system is undemocratic, unfair and does not deliver a result that reflects voting intention. But worse than that, in this election voters are having to make all kinds of choices in terms of voting against candidates and, or, tactical voting. Tactical voting further compounds the problem as it then makes it impossible to judge whether voters’ choices are being reflected in the results as they are not voting as they wish. Our friends at Make Votes Matter are doing a great job keeping Electoral Reform high on the agenda.

During the last Parliament many MPs took the brave step to leave their political party (the Conservative rebels and the Change UK MPs) Some have joined the LibDems, others are leaving Parliament, and there are a few standing as Independents. But they will be up against new Party candidates mostly either ardent Brexiteers on the conservative side or hardcore Corbyn supporters on the Labour side and as many voters simply vote for the traditional parties based on a few interviews they see on TV with the leaders they have a mountain to climb to get re-elected. So, Parliament will be depleted of principle and ever fewer MPs will take such a stand in the future.

What we can see in the most successful western democracies is that good decisions come from debate based on clear thinking from Parliamentarians elected by Proportional Representation where they work together, compromise and agree on solutions. And until we recognise this and change our system, we will continue to have bad government and a disillusioned electorate who will remain vulnerable to the misinformation and targeting we see at this election. Most voters do not know which constituency they are in, who their MP is, and are unaware that when they vote, they are voting for the MP alone, and not the party itself or the leader. That is the reality.

Our unwritten constitution based on Gentlemen’s agreements is not fit for purpose when those in power are not gentlemen. We watched in dismay as Parliament was prorogued to bypass Parliament in a series of acts to dastardly, we expected to see Muttley sitting by the Conservative front bench laughing every time. The Federalist Party, the Green Party and the Federal Union continue to make the case for a written codified constitution, and Federal reform and so far, of the two main Parties, only the Labour Party is promising a constitutional convention and citizens assemblies. Something all nationalist and small Parties can move forward with if Labour are successful in forming a minority Government.

The United Kingdom in its current form cannot last. Unless Electoral Reform and a Federal System can be introduced in a Progressive Parliament then Scotland is likely to demand Independence and Ireland will move closer to an all-Ireland solution and the United Kingdom will cease to exist. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a federal United Kingdom within a European Federation would be a far more prosperous solution and give us the stability and strength to tackle the Climate Crisis which is by far the most urgent issue facing us all.

Unless people can put aside their concerns about the financial implications of a Corbyn government, of which there are many, and realise that a Johnson majority government is a greater threat to our lives and future, then we are doomed to a Conservative majority government, a hard Brexit, the break up of the Union, a weaker economy, and a poorer existence. It’s as simple as that.

The best we can hope for is that the Conservatives fail to get a majority. If that happens, we will have a 2nd referendum, a chance to remain in the EU. And the process of citizen engagement and the much-needed reform can begin. It’s all to play for. Wherever your allegiance lies or whatever your ideological belief is. Think hard, vote smart, and Stop the Conservatives from achieving a majority.

Good Luck.

Ask candidates in your area to sign the Federal Pledge and send it in to us.


Stuart Clark, Editor, UK



Stuart Clark is currently, board member and Nominations officer for the Federalist Party
He was leader of the UK section of the European Federalist Party 2013-2016. He is active with Alliance Europa, and also the Federal Union in UK. As well as promoting Federalism, Stuart also campaigns for constitutional reform and electoral reform. He stood for Council Election in Lambeth in 2018. Stuart works for a global ticketing company and is based in London and Cornwall.

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  1. Janet Jackson

    I’m 65, a Remainer.
    I am so ashamed when I regularly hear friends and relatives preaching Brexit.
    In 2016 they were sold a dream which transpired to be a nightmare.
    All but the most ardent have to know, deep down that The Tories are not the Saviours of the Poor and the Protectors of the Welfare State.
    Angry Brexiters are prepared to sacrifice The Union, manufacturing, the NHS, trade, personal and social freedoms, environmental and industrial protections on the altar of Nostalgia.
    That nostalgia is misplaced and the glasses have a deep rosy tint.
    I remember yellow smog we called “pea soup”, beaches covered with chemical waste, the local river topped with foul smelling foam.
    I remember Thatcherism, the miners’ strike and endless nights with no mains electricity.
    I remember Aberfan and our casual disregard for Public safety.
    I remember the Poll Tax Riots, the Winter of Discontent and the standoffs between police and protesters.
    I remember the bombings, the loss of life which gave me 2 transplant corneas and sight, but tore other families apart
    I remember Devaluation and the IMF.
    It was not all sunny uplands.
    I am grateful for the 70y of Peace in Europe which meant that my sons were not sacrificed.
    I value the people who came to live and work here.
    I want my children to be able to travel, live, study and work across the European Family of Nations.
    I will never stop fighting against the lies and Dark Money whibh bought an Advisory Referendum.
    I will vote Labour, for The Many and for a Final Say.

  2. Alex Gunter

    I am currently writing a university paper on the UK democracy, personally the single handed biggest issue to the democracy of the UK is the electoral system, it is a dark and dirty way to run a country. The system produces parties that don’t really represent anyone because they don’t have to. They have tactical voting. It is to some irony therefore that we all must vote tactically if we live in a marginal seat (vote for your true party if you don’t live in a marginal seat as you are just helping somebody else’s statistics). Tactical voting and the remain alliance could make a difference in stopping brexit but it is making an even bigger difference, people are realising how stupid our system is.

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