British Economy Puncture Repair Kit

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by Stuart Clark |

This article explains how to prevent irreparable damage to the british from happening.

The need for collaboration will go unanswered in our current defunct political system.

There were, briefly, during the last parliament serious discussions about a government of national unity. But the need for such a government has been so great, and yet, so out of reach during the pandemic. Why is that? The official opposition said they were happy to support the government and would refrain from politics while the country was in such a perilous position, and yet, we have had, nothing but politics the whole time. For the US and the UK, the deficiencies of our combative two party systems are glaringly apparent. And here, both Parties unwilling to put the wellbeing of their citizens above their desire for total power.

The real cause of our current situation is threefold.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, fancies himself a bit of a Rock Star, taking the time to star in a bizarre promotional film. What he is promoting is unclear, but it’s amazing that he found the time. He declared that no other Chancellor has had to spend so much. No, well, he didn’t really have much choice. But he explains Britain’s dire economic position, as the worst hit of the major economies, all on the Pandemic. Not true. Not taking the Pandemic seriously at the start and the constant dithering cost thousands of lives, and made the lockdowns more severe and damaging. But both the pandemic and the bad decisions have happened, and can’t be reversed. That damage is done, and those lives are lost. It is the effects of leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union which is the third factor. And it is totally unnecessary and reversible.

It’s possible to Re-Enter the Single Market and the Customs Union without reversing Brexit.

Let me confess at this point, although I was a Remainer, I’m not a Rejoiner, at least, I’m not someone who is campaigning for it now. Can you imagine the reaction of a significant part of the British population to that suggestion? Not to mention all those who would not want us back after all the misery we’ve put them through.  No, that is something to discuss a few years down the line as there is a lot of rebuilding of bridges that needs to happen first. And it is not Brexit itself that is doing the damage to our Economy right now, and tearing the union apart. It is leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union that is the issue. As the damage becomes more apparent week by week, and the so called benefits of leaving the Single Market and Customs Union evaporate, it is fast becoming the only solution.

Agreement from both the PM and Leader of the Opposition can mitigate the absence of collaboration.

The Labour leadership has ruled out re-joining the EU for the foreseeable future, and the PM obviously would not consider that – fine, we all understand the reasons. It’s the situation we’re in. There will of course be cries of treachery from the right, but in our system the Dog occasionally decides to ignore his tail. This may seem like an absurd and unlikely scenario, and I’m happy for it to be seen as such. But we are at the point where the government is again about to break International law. And from what I’ve seen and heard, most of those who cared so much about leaving the EU do not care about the Single Market and Customs Union.

At some point the penny will drop that there is no alternative, I suggest those closest to Keir Starmer have a word with him, before Boris makes produces his Economy puncture repair kit.


Stuart Clark, Editor, UK



Stuart Clark is currently, board member and Nominations officer for the Federalist Party.
He was leader of the UK section of the European Federalist Party 2013-2016. He is active with Alliance Europa, and also the Federal Union in UK. As well as promoting Federalism, Stuart also campaigns for constitutional reform and electoral reform. He stood for Council Election in Lambeth in 2018. Stuart is based in London and Cornwall.


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