FAEF Citizens’ Convention to give Europe a Federal Constitution is officially opened!

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By Mauro Casarotto |

After about three months of preparations, FAEF Citizens’ Convention has been opened today October 2nd, 2021. This Citizens’ Convention has only two points in its agenda: 1) prepare a European Federal Constitution from the bottom and 2) elaborate the way in which this Constitution can be ratified by European citizens in order to establish the ‘United States of Europe’.

FAEF Citizens’ Convention is an alternative to the ‘ Conference for the Future of Europe’ organised by the European Union institutions and launched a few months ago.

No mention to federalism in the EU Conference because this initiative only aims to strengthen the intergovernmental treaty based system of the European Union, endlessly replicating its systemic errors.

Systemic errors that have led the European Union to be inefficient, almost irrelevant on the global scenario and undemocratic, despite the existence of a Parliament elected by the European citizens that is de facto without legislative initiative powers and has insufficient control over other institutions.

This brought to a Union that is perceived as a bureaucratic top down organism dominated by national and economic interests, increasingly disliked by European citizens. That is the main reason why, in a few decades, United Kingdom voters who, in 1975, adopted the EU with a 75% in favour, in 2016 voted for Brexit encouraging more –exits project.

FAEF, Federal Alliance of European Federalists, traced a completely different route. The route of a Convention organised by citizens to discuss and amend an already existing European Federal Constitution of only 10 articles to establish the ‘United States of Europe’ on democratic basis.

FAEF Citizens’ Convention is opened by a video message by the President of FAEF, Dr. Leo Klinkers that explains why the only way to have unity in Europe is to create a European Federation, replacing the treaty based EU and why the only way to create a federation is to adopt a Federal Constitution. You can see the video opening of Dr. Klinkers here: https://www.faef.eu/en_gb/opening-of-the-citizens-convention/ .

All the details of the Citizens’ Convention and the provisional list of participants can be browsed here: https://www.faef.eu/en_gb/citizens-convention/ .

Till the end of October subscriptions will remain open, so there’s still time to become a participant to the Citizens’ Convention!

FAEF Secretary General


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